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Corporate Philosophy and Management Policies

Corporate Philosophy

“Contribute to realization of a sustainable society by providing superior technologies and services relating to solid waste treatment”

EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd., part of the EBARA Group founded in 1912, is constantly asking what the future will require. We try to foresee exactly what our customers need and continuously pursue superior technologies and services. Our aim is to continue contributing to society and further the development of the entire EBARA Group by supplying high-performance facilities and offering high-quality service.

The Founding Spirit "Netsu To Makoto"

(Note: "Netsu To Makoto" means enthusiasm and sincerity.)

The spirit of "Netsu To Makoto," which says that "anything can be communicated to others if you treat them with enthusiasm and sincerity," and values "enthusiastic and sincere hearts that make the best use of inventiveness," lives in our corporate philosophy and is still passed down from one generation to another.

Management Policies

As a member of the EBARA Group, we conduct business activities to realize our target, complying with following the consolidated management policies of the Group.
The EBARA Group's medium-term management plan, E-Plan2013, runs from FY2011 to FY2013 and defines the following four points as a whole-Group policy:

  1. (1) Promoting "regional production for regional supply" in priority areas and establishing an optimally located production and supply system from a global perspective.
  2. (2) Working to enter new markets by expanding core business domains.
  3. (3) Aiming to optimize "monozukuri" (manufacturing) processes through scientific approaches.
  4. (4) Expanding the functions of the corporate headquarters in keeping with the globalization of business domains.

EBARA Environmental Plant covers the Environmental Enginearing business in the group. As a stable earring souce of the Group, we set our profitable O&M business as the core field, while our EPC business seeks solid growth.

Based on these policies, we aim to increase the satisfaction of our stakeholders and, as the whole group maximize corporate value as well as stock value by formulating specific action plans to achieve our management objectives and steadily implementing them.

EBARA Environmental Plant's basic policy is as follows:

  1. ● Strengthen its waste incineration O&M business which is a secure profit base
  2. ● To obtain new orders for incineration plants by presenting proposals that offer technological differentiation
  3. ● To establish design standards that combine our experience based on track record with a scientific basis

For details, see the Management Policies and Medium-Term Management Plan of EBARA Corporation.

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