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Internally circulating fluidized-bed boiler ICFB

With the changing circumstances related to energy supply, biomass power plant or waste-to-energy plant receives remarkable attention as promising renewable energy power plant.

EBARA's Internally circulating fluidized-bed boiler is perfectly suited to such applications, since it can stably incinerate such a wide range of fuels like biomass, coal, waste plastic and discarded tires. Heat recovery chamber, in which in-bed heat transfer tubes are equipped, is arranged separately from main combustion chamber to protect the heat transfer tubes from corrosion and erosion while enabling very efficient energy recovery. Moreover, EBARA's original heat transfer control function can dynamically controls live steam flow with keeping stable combustion temperature, so that the system can quickly adapt to fluctuation of fuel properties and load demand, also at partial load condition.

The interior of the furnace is kept at negative pressure by balanced draft operation. This means that fuel does not need to be finely crushed and there are no worries about leakage of combustion gases. And of course fuel incombustibles can stably be discharged from furnace bottom by the internal circulating function which is originally developed by EBARA.


Hideyuki Sakamoto

Fluidized-bed technology developed over many years steadily converts fluctuating fuels into energy

How can stable and desired output be provided even if the properties of the fuel are fluctuated? ICFB can offer such incomparable function based on our fluidized-bed technology developed over these many years. EBARA has a long track record of ICFB as waste-to-energy plant for a wide range of industrial wastes as fuel, and more recently we have increasingly delivered it as biomass power plant.

Staff in charge: Hideyuki Sakamoto


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