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Fluidized-bed gasification technologies

Pressurized twin internally circulating fluidized-bed gasification system (PTIFG)

PTIFG can gasify waste plastic and convert it into product gas which includes hydrogen gas. Because gasification takes place at high temperatures, there is no worry about forming dioxins. The ash, moreover, can be recovered as molten slag and reused as raw material for cement industry and other applications.
A facility that we delivered to Showa Denko K.K. in year 2003 with throughput of 195 t/d derives hydrogen gas from waste plastic ("other plastics" as defined in the Japanese Container and Packaging Recycling Law) and utilizes it as raw material for ammonia synthesis.



Internally circulating fluidized-bed gasification system (ICFG)

The ICFG is developed to recover high-calorific fuel gas, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons, from low-grade materials like biomass. The product gas can be used as an alternative energy to fossil fuels.
The ICFG can be integrated to existing industrial processes with massive energy consumption, to realize innovative system for utilization of biomass and waste energy as alternative fuel for manufacturing industries.



Takashi Imaizumi

To realize and support the recycling society of near future

One of the challenges to utilize biomass or waste as renewable energy source is that they have much smaller energy density than fossil fuels. EBARA has been developing outstanding fluidized-bed gasification technologies that can convert such low-calorific material into combustible gases like hydrogen and methane. These technologies can extract valuable gases which can be utilized as raw material or alternative fuels, from flammable materials that would have simply been incinerated in the past. As such, the technologies are gaining attention as a solution to realize and support the recycling society of near future.

Staff in charge: Takashi Imaizumi


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