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Fluidized-bed incineration system TIF

In the fluidized-bed incinerator, wastes are quickly and uniformly incinerated with utilizing thermal capacity of hot fluidizing sand. It can therefore be applied for a wide range of wastes; municipal solid wastes, low-calorific wastes like waste liquids or sludge, and also high-calorific wastes like discarded tires or waste plastic. In addition, the fluidized-bed incinerator is also well suited for mixed firing together with refuse dug up from final disposal sites, excreta sludge or sewage sludge.

The greatest feature of EBARA's fluidized-bed technology is our original internally circulating function. Wastes can be treated stably through agitating and shredding effect of fluidizing sand, and this can enable mixed firing of sludge at very high mixed combustion rates without premixing. Incombustibles can be steadily discharged without any mechanically operated parts in the incinerator. Ignition loss of the incombustibles is very low, and ferrous metal and aluminum can be recovered in an unoxidized state. Moreover, lower operation cost can be achieved through internal desulfurization and desalination functions in the fluidized bed, which can reduce the amount of chemicals used and minimize replacement cost of De-NOx catalysts.

In addition, low excess-air combustion and exhaust gas recirculation system are implemented to achieve high efficiency energy recovery.

In an emergency, the system can be safely shut down in a short period of time because amount of flammable material accumulates in the furnace is quite little.


Arihiro Okamoto

EBARA's original internally circulating function realizes a variety of values

A sufficient quantity of air blows up from under a sand bed, violently agitating the sand and causing it to behave like a fluid. Internally circulating function, originally developed by Ebara, is added to this fluidized-bed technology for making it possible to incinerate various types of wastes efficiently. Our outstanding technology has received good reviews in Europe as well, where we have also delivered a lot of plants through technology licensing.

Staff in charge: Arihiro Okamoto


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