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Fluidized-bed gasification and ash melting system

In case there is concern about lack of capacity in final disposal sites in the future, one effective strategy is to turn incinerator ash into molten slag and utilize it as construction materials.

EBARA's fluidized-bed gasification and ash melting system is composed of our proven fluidized-bed technology and a circulating ash melting furnace in which ash is melted by the waste energy, turning it to slag which can be recovered and utilized effectively.

The internally circulating function inherited from fluidized-bed incinerator technology makes it possible to recover incombustibles like ferrous material and aluminum in an unoxidized state, further reducing final disposal into landfill.

The low-excess-air high-temperature combustion at the circulating ash melting furnace also reduces emissions of dioxins, and resulting higher boiler efficiency makes the system suitable for high-efficiency power recovery. Mixed treatment of ash from other facilities, sludge or refuse dug up from final disposal sites are also possible, helping reduction of final disposal and also effective use of final disposal site.


Katsutoshi Naruse

Reducing final disposal through utilization of waste energy

EBARA's fluidized-bed gasification and ash melting system is an efficient and environmentally-friendly technology which can utilize the energy contained in refuse to minimize final disposal sent to landfills. Based on experiences through a number of deliveries since a decade and knowledge obtained from their operation, maintenance and management, our system today continue to promote waste recycling, but offer even greater reliability and safety, to the delight of our customers.

Staff in charge: Katsutoshi Naruse


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