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Stoker-type incineration system HPCC21

Our advanced HPCC21 stoker is a product of evolution after a half century since we delivered our first stoker-type incineration system in 1961. Based on abundant experiences and proven technologies, it can be applied for a wide range of uses, from small to large furnaces and also from lower to higher calorific value of the wastes. Mixed firing together with sludge or refuse dug up from final disposal sites is also possible.

The system is based upon the good agitation and resulting excellent combustion performance afforded by EBARA's original high-velocity air-blowing technology and horizontal stoker. Forced-air-cooled grates or water-cooled grates are applied to extend the life of the grates. The low excess-air combustion and exhaust gas recirculation system realize higher energy efficiently and reduction of NOx emmission. Emission of SOx and HCl are also minimized through the advanced dry exhaust gas treatment system. These and other state-of-the-art technologies are flexibly combined to achieve stable operation with excellent environmental performance.

Users can optionally combine the system with a plasma ash-melting furnace. This turns ash into harmless molten slag which can be effectively used in concrete secondary products or roadbed materials


Kiyoyuki Sakurai

Achieving stable and economical operation through the evolution of proven technologies

Extensive experiences with stoker-type incineratior are especially attractive to continue sanitary and stable treatment of refuse. Based on such proven technologies, the latest functions in accordance with present social demands are added on our HPCC21 to further enhance its reliability. In recent years, the product has also received excellent feedback from overseas customers, including those in China.

Staff in charge: Kiyoyuki Sakurai


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