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Local Contribution (Environmental Education & Disaster Control)

Creating facilities that are popular with locals

Shifting from an era in which facilities simply incinerated waste, the social needs for the functions of waste treatment facilities has been diversifying to acting as local energy centers through waste power generation while being disaster response base and places for communications among local residents. We will respond to wide-ranging needs.

Increasing environmental awareness

Many waste treatment facilities are open to facility tour visitors. In recent years, facilities have been increasingly required to serve as centers for environmental awareness, to help people learn about waste treatment and also think about a broad range of environmental issues, including the ”3R”s, a circular society and local nature and biodiversity. We organize facility tours, workshops and other events to ensure the facilities are familiar to locals.

Making facilities disaster resilient

We will develop different facility plans to ensure that facilities have excellent earthquake resistance and to secure capacity in preparation for future disasters to increase the operational continuity of waste treatment facilities.

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