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AI, ICT and Robotics

Next-generation facility management solutions

Traditionally, waste treatment facilities were stably operated on the basis of the skills and five senses of the experienced operators. In the future, it will be necessary for the facilities to be operated stably in a manner that emits less carbon dioxide and has a lower environmental impact. To address the diversification of the workforce and the shortage of employees due to the shrinking working population, advanced operation control technologies that are not dependent on human skill will be needed. We think that facility management that provides greater safety, security and stability, that fulfills their social responsibilities and that contributes to local communities will require the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI), information and communication technologies (ICT), Internet of Things (IoT) and other cutting-edge technologies. Accordingly, we are pushing ahead with the creation of next-generation facility management solutions.

Providing ICT-based remote support services

We provide more advanced operation services for waste treatment facilities by connecting with waste treatment facilities, the Fujisawa Remote Support Center and the Haneda Technical Support Center.

  • Support for stable operations involving the remote support center
  • Support for customers and facilities by control of operations without operators to reduce required labor using AI and big data
  • Support for the optimization of maintenance using IoT data

Providing automatic crane systems with waste identification AI

We have developed an automatic crane system with a waste identification AI based on deep learning.
The AI monitors the state of waste in the pit from images captured with a camera to find the most effective crane operation in the pit to make waste homogeneous. This enables automatic crane operations.
In the same manner as skilled operators, it identifies waste suitable for incineration to transport it to the incinerator and picks up waste that may adversely impact combustion and equipment so that it can be properly treated.
This technology has been jointly developed by EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. and Ridge-i Inc. and is patent pending.

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