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Corporate Philosophy and The EBARA Policies

Corporate Philosophy

We are aiming to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing superior technologies and services relating to solid waste treatment.

We understand and anticipate the needs of customers and society accurately and in a far-sighted manner in the domain of solid waste to create advanced technologies and services that are economically efficient and environmentally friendly. We will continue to provide outstanding technologies and services to protect local hygiene, safety and security. In addition, we contribute to building sustainable local communities.

The EBARA Policies

The EBARA Group is committed to always serving stakeholders with passion and dedication in accordance with our founding spirit. In our business activities, it is our mission to contribute to society through high quality technologies and services relating to water, air and the environment. This is presented in our Corporate Philosophy.
To fulfill this mission, the EBARA Group CSR Policy stipulates that the Group bears the social responsibility of conducting all of its business with a strong sense of ethics and that it must foster strong relationships of trust with its stakeholders.

Founding Spirit: Netsu to Makoto (Passion and Dedication)

“Netsu to Makoto (Passion and Dedication)” was the motto of Issey Hatakeyama, the founder of EBARA CORPORATION.
“Both the company and its employees shall strive for growth with passion and dedication to bring forth originality and ingenuity, rather than simply fulfilling the task at hand. When working with passion and dedication there is nothing that cannot be communicated to others.” The founder himself modeled his behavior on this principle, and continually stressed it when addressing employees.
The spirit is part of our corporate DNA and asserts that genuine passion and dedication in our dealings with others will always be recognized and valued.

Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to society through high quality technologies and services relating to water, air and the environment.

Through technologies that develop products to satisfy social needs and resolve issues, and through service and support that enable those products to be used effectively , the EBARA Group sees its mission as contributing to society by helping to achieve a safe and secure society and prosperity of the countries of the world.

EBARA Group CSR Policy

The EBARA Group will conduct its business with a strong sense of ethics. We take pride in our role supporting society, industry, and life by supplying innovative products and services through free and fair competition. Through these activities, we play our part in improving the global environment.
To earn the trust of all of our stakeholders, we pursue all of our activities with passion and dedication while respecting human rights and diversity and implementing corporate governance that includes the fair and transparent disclosure of information. We also strive to establish a safe, secure and employee-friendly work environment and utilize high-quality communications to ensure that we are an organization that all stakeholders take pride in.

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