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Waste Treatment Facilities and Energy Plants

Reliable design and safe construction to shape the future of the local community

Over more than half a century, we have delivered more than 400 facilities in Japan and abroad. On the foundation of our long-cultivated technological strengths, we will leverage our domestic and overseas networks to provide many different waste treatment facilities and energy plants to fulfill customers' needs.
We are committed to ensuring that our waste treatment facilities and energy plants perform up to the specification expected by customers. To meet the diverse performance requirements of our customers, including capacity, availability, power generation efficiency and environmental performance of the facility and plant, we manage quality in a timely and appropriate way throughout every process of constructing waste treatment facilities and energy plants.
Reliable design and safe construction supported by experience and achievement enables us to realize our customers' vision to support the future of local communities.
We provide a one-stop service including operations management and the maintenance of facilities. Therefore, we are able to design and construct facilities that are user-friendly and functional in view of operation and maintainance after completion. With design in consideration of the entire life cycle of a facility and safe construction that considers the local environment, we are working hard to deliver facilities with which customers will be satisfied over the long term.

  • ■ Municipal waste treatment facilities

    Since we delivered our first incinerator in 1961, we have responded to the changing needs of the times by leveraging an extensive array of product lineups based on our original technologies and the expertise that we have accumulated. We are ready to provide a one-stop service that included the design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities.

  • ■ Industrial waste treatment facilities

    Our broad lineup of incineration systems deals with the diverse characteristics of waste.

  • ■ Woody biomass electric power generation

    Biomass electric power generation uses thinned wood and timber waste as fuel. As they do not use fossil fuels, they are drawing attention as a means of generating energy from renewable resources. Our internally circulating fluidized-bed (ICFB®) boilers are designed to stably burn these fuels and achieve high efficient power generation that is safe, secure and stable.

* ICFB is a registered trademark of EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Proposing elaborate solutions to help customers with project planning and operations

As the population shrinks, waste treatment services must cover broader areas as facilities are integrated and closed. Public awareness of disaster preparedness and public interest in energy issues and global warming are increasing. Amid these social changes, the roles of waste incineration plants in many local communities are diversifying. We monitor changes in society like these with the goal of proposing facilities able to produce the value best matched with the community, instead of applying a uniform standard.
To closely serve customers from the planning stage, we endeavor to propose solutions created on the foundation of our extensive experience and new information about the revision of laws and other information to meticulously support our customers.

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