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Gasification Technologies

■ Ebara Ube Process Pressurized twin internally circulating fluidized-bed gasification system

This pressurized gasification technology combines our fluidized-bed low-temperature gasification furnace with Ube Industries' high-temperature gasification furnace. It thermally decomposes plastic waste and other high-calorific value waste to produce a synthetic gas composed mainly of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. There are no concerns about the generation of dioxins following the high-temperature gasification. In addition, it allows fly ash to be recovered in the form of molten slag and reused as a cement material or for other purposes.。
In 2003, we delivered a system with a treatment capacity of 195 tons per day to Showa Denko K.K. It recovers hydrogen gas from plastics classified as “Miscellaneous Plastic” collected under the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law to synthesize ammonia.

*EUP is a registered trademark of Ube Industries, Ltd. in Japan.

■ Internally circulating fluidized-bed (ICFG®) gasification system

This technology thermally decomposes waste. It produces high-calorific value oil and gas composed chiefly of hydrocarbons from a wide variety of carbon resources in the form of solid waste, ranging from high-calorific value waste such as plastic waste to low-calorific value waste including household waste and biomass.
The oil and gas obtained can be used as raw materials in the chemical industry and as a source of energy that is an alternative to fossil fuels. This chemical recycling technology may reduce the amount of new chemical resources input into industries if it is incorporated into chemical industrial processes. If it is introduced in a process that consumes a massive amount of conventional fuels derived from fossil resources, the oil and gas obtained by the system will replace the traditional fuels to reduce the new consumption of fossil fuels. This feature makes the system suited for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

*ICFG is a registered trademark of EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. in Japan.


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