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Recycling & Resource Circulation

Promoting recycling and resource circulation to help create a sustainable society

EBARA Environmental Plant transforms waste into electric power, steam, hot water, recycled constructionbuilding materials as an aggregatestone material, chemical materials and others and returns them to society. We offer those circulation systems to help create a sustainable society.

Local power generation for local consumption

We prioritize the safe and stable treatment of waste and strive to improve the efficiency of the power generation as local energy centers. We also promote local power generation for local consumption, providing distributed power sources of the local community that help reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Ash recycling

Smelting reduction technology melts and recrystallizes ash that is used to produce recycled construction materials as an aggregate l. Those are used in paving applications and in bank protection projects. Molten metals can be recovered by melting ash, which contains a large amount of valuable metals. Heavy metals can be recovered as a resource. The ash generated by waste incineration plants is all recycled, ensuring that nothing is disposed of in a landfill.。

Chemical recycling of plastic waste

EBARA Environmental Plant encourages the practical application of the chemical recycling of plastic waste to contribute to the resolution of plastic waste treatment and climate change issues.
Gasification chemical recycling of plastic waste decomposes plastics containing different types of materials and impurities that cannot be recycled by other methods into individual molecules and recycle them into an array of chemical substances. This achieves a massive increase of the recycling rate and the reduction of fossil fuel consumption.

*EUP is a registered trademark of Ube Industries, Ltd. in Japan.
*ICFG is a registered trademark of EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. in Japan.

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