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Change #04Our newest facility, the Resource Recycling Center delivered to The Kuwana Wide Area Cleaning Business Association, began operating in January 2020.

For the realization of more efficient energy recovery

As public interest increases in energy issues and disaster response, the functions of waste incineration plants expected by local communities are diversifying. In Japan, the population continues to decline. While in many regions, the volume of waste is decreasing, demand for highly efficient power generation technologies will be rising. EBARA Environmental Plant monitors social trends like these and works to propose facilities that produce the value best suited to the local community.

The Kuwana Wide Area Cleaning Business Association Resource Recycling Center, our newest facility, starts operation

EBARA Environmental Plant was contracted to construct and operate a waste treatment facility for the Kuwana Wide Area Cleaning Business Association in 2017. Construction of the Waste Incineration Plant in the Resource Recycling Center was completed in December 2019. In January 2020, EBARA Environmental Plant commenced the twenty-year contract providing operations services for the facility and the other existing facilities, the Recycling Plaza, the Plastic Compression Packaging Facility and the Administration Building. This facility treats combustible waste, non-combustible waste, bulky waste and plastic container and packaging waste emitted mainly from households in Kuwana-shi, Kisosaki-cho, and Toin-cho in Mie Prefecture. In recent years, in waste incineration plants, along with the stable treatment waste and power generation using heat generated during the incineration of waste has been drawing attention as a means of reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact. This facility is equipped with a high-temperature and high-pressure boiler with the maximum pressure of 6 MPa and a maximum temperature of 450 °C so that it is able to generate power from waste with higher efficiency. In the adoption of the high temperature and high pressure boiler, the control of the corrosion of boiler materials under high temperature conditions was considered and it was designed with the goal of reducing the life cycle cost (LCC) in view of an operational period of 20 years.
EBARA Environmental Plant provides secure and more trusted waste treatment services as it endeavors to advance technology to helping build a sustainable society.

Aiming to operate facilities familiar to locals

The Resource Recycling Center includes the Recycling Plaza, the Plastic Compression Packaging Facility, the Administration Building and other facilities, in addition to the Combustible Waste Incineration Plant. The center was nicknamed “The Recycling Forest.” The word forest is a symbol of the natural environment and suggests a strong determination to give new life to waste through recycling. With the additional functions of environmental education and raising awareness, the center also serves as a facility where visitors are able to learn about “3R” initiatives and a circular society. The facility tour includes the Picture Book Theater and the Sky Theater with a 22 meter screen and other high-tech equipment. The tour also features Mofurin, the facility's mascot. Visitors can deepen their understanding of the environment while enjoying the tour. In the future, we will operate the facility so that it is familiar to locals and it is a valuable way to communicate with visitors through hands-on learning about the environment and summer vacation events that increase environmental awareness.

Sky Theater
Mofurin, the facility's mascot


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