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Operations & Maintenance

Safe and stable operations protecting daily life in the community

Safety, stability and security are essential in plant operations. Plant operation services require extensive knowledge and skills in areas ranging from the inspection and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment to the consideration of the local environment. Our experienced professionals are positioned to ensure the safety and stability of plant operations and provide security to the local community.
Our track record of contracted operation extends to more than 80 plants in Japan. Our ample experience, expertise and the networks that we have cultivated as we have established an industry-leading track record enable us to efficiently manage plant operations. Our one-stop service system including design, construction, operations management and maintenance allows us to apply the latest technologies and continuously improve facilities. This gives us an advantage whole we provide customers with value beyond their expectations.

The right maintenance at the right time

A plant's ability to continue performing up to its specifications depends largely on equipment maintenance.
Plants such as waste incineration plants are generally expected to operate for 30 years or longer. A vital part of long-term operations is conducting the right maintenance at the right time.
We are involved in all facility processes, including design, construction, operations and maintenance. We leverage the broad technical knowledge of our design staff to provide maintenance services. We are able to carry out maintenance at the right timing in the right method on the basis of signs detected and the data collected through the monitoring of day-to-day operations management.
Through these actions, we endeavor to maintain facilities in the condition that enables them to always perform up to their specifications while minimizing total life cycle costs.

Fundamental facility improvement work

To ensure the long-term operation of a facility, it is necessary to perform maintenance that extends the service life of the entire facility.
This involves appropriate daily maintenance and also the overhauling of core equipment and devices before the facility is unable to maintain its intended performance due to the aging of the equipment. Fundamental facility improvement is a part of the extension of the service life of the facility.
We renovate facilities that have been operating for nearly 20 years to extend their service life. We have been involved in many service life-prolonging projects that have enabled facilities to achieve new performance specifications, including the replacement of equipment with equipment that is more energy-efficient and better at power generation, which also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. We also use our technological strengths developed throughout our history as a plant manufacturer and our knowledge of equipment and devices that has been accumulated through our management of operations and maintenance services to implement basic facility improvements without disrupting the daily operations of facilities.

Long-term comprehensive operations contract

Now it has become common to outsource the comprehensive array of services necessary for the operation and management of public facilities, including operations and management services, maintenance, the procurement of services, and other matters necessary over long-term periods of 10 to 30 years.
We take on these long-term, comprehensive projects for facilities across the country, and the number of these projects is growing.
For the customers commissioning these projects, the shift from conventional single-year contracts to multi-year contracts has clear economies of scale and reduce the workload that should have occurred.
For us as contractor, this opens the way for the implementation of maintenance at the time best suited for the equipment and enables us to have flexibility for the medium- and long-term operation of facilities. Therefore, we are able to leverage our own expertise to efficiently operate facilities.

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