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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is not possible to operate a waste incineration facility without a large number of staffs. EBARA Environmental Plant believes that efforts to increase the stability of operations require facilities that do not rely onto be independent of human skill and experience, so it is pushing ahead with the automation of operations using the latest technologies. By having AI study the five senses perceptions of experienced operators through deep learning, we aim to equip operations control systems with AI to perform operations on a par with or better than skilled human operations.
In the first stage, we succeeded in developing an automatic crane system with an AI that has learned what operators see with their eyes and we have begun applying the operation of this system to facilities that are in commercial use. Going forward, we will expand the scope of AI applications in phases to combustion control for incinerators and other operations with the goal of realizing next-generation waste incineration facilities that are safe, secure and capable of judgingthinking and controlling themselves independently of humans.

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Change #01

Achieving an unmanned operation rate of 90% with an automatic crane system featuring an AI waste identification system

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