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EBARA Environmental Plant is advancing the introduction of robots and other new technologies to reduce work time and limit the use of materials and the equipment required for inspections and maintenance. We are trying to improve employee safety and reduce the amount of waste. As we pursue greater safety, stability and security in solid waste treatment facilities and other social infrastructure facilities, we are contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Small-sized mobile robot for the automatic continuous measurement of water tube thickness

With HiBot Corporation, EBARA Environmental Plant has jointly developed a small mobile robot that is able to automatically and continuously measure the thickness of water tube. It is equipped with a submersible ultrasonic flaw detection sensor. In solid waste treatment facilities, the thickness of the water tube in waste heat recovery boilers are regularly measured to monitor worn-out, corrosion and other deterioration of the water tube due to aging.
The robot is placed in the inspection opening in the header of water tubes. After moving to the water tube to be measured, it inserts a sensor into the tube to automatically and continuously measure the boiler tube thickness from the inside. The robot succeeded in a demonstration test of the measurement of boiler water tube thickness in December 2019. This eliminates preparation work including the cutting of parts of the water tube to shorten working time and reduce the materials and equipment necessary, both increasing the safety of employees and reducing waste.
In the future, in our business field, such as inspection, maintenance and management services for boiler water tubes, we will seek to improve the efficiency of inspection and measurement work using this robot and provide inspection services, including high precision lifetime prediction using the data obtained, Robot as a Service (RaaS).

The small mobile robot for the automatic continuous measurement of water tube thickness and a lab test system

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