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Change #03Generating energy from waste — for the local generation of electricity for local consumption

For the initiatives that the power generation from local waste is efficiently used for local consumption. EBARA Environmental Plant has been working toward those initiatives to change the concept of waste disposal (to local production and local consumption of electricity through generating power from waste) which is environmentally friendly and economically reasonable.
Today, they are implemented in 10 different areas across the country in ways that are suited to regional situations.

The effect of local waste power generation for local consumption

Example 1: Part of the money from the sale of locally generated power for local consumption is contributed to an environmental fund to benefit the local community. This has been implemented since 2018. The fund supports more than 30 locally-rooted projects.


Example 2: Information about local waste power generation for local consumption is presented to the children who will change the future, as a practical example for their environmental education.

We visit schools to provide classes for hands-on learning with environmental learning games about local power generationproduction/consumption through waste power generation. They learn about the mechanisms for generating power using waste incineration energy, how electricity reaches their schools and the significance and difficulties of shifting to renewable energy as the main source of power. Children who have participated in this environmental education program commonly say that they understand the importance of sorting waste, that they will share it with their parents at home, and that they now have a better understanding of the waste treatment facility they have visited.

Example 3: Japan's first system displaying the real-time status of local waste power generation for local consumption is provided for free.

The system visualizes with graphs the output of waste power generation systems and the percentage of the power consumed at their schools that was generated by waste on an hourly basis so that children are able to view it anytime and anywhere.
Children can consider what they can do to reduce power consumption in the times when power from renewable energy sources is insufficient and whether it is possible to shift surplus power from renewable energy in times when they do not use power to times during the day when the power is in short supply. Helping children discover these things that lead them to think, the system will provide opportunity for them to think how to change the future.
Posters and stickers are displayed on facilities generating power for local consumption to help visitors feel the power supplied from waste power generation close to them.


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