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Ash Recycling

Problems are emerging in connection with the final disposal of the incineration ash generated by municipal solid waste incinerators that will affect the sustainability of a recycling society, such as the shortage of final disposal sites and the preparation to secure temporary dumping capacity for disaster waste. As circumstances surrounding incineration ash are changing, it is necessary to promote recycling.
In this situation, EBARA Environmental Plant has been proceeding with a process to melt incineration ash to fully recycle it through the reduction smelting system of Chubu Cycle Co., Ltd., an EBARA Group company. The reduction smelting system is a technology for recycling the incineration ash generated by municipal and industrial waste incineration facilities by melting under strong reducing conditions in a submerged arc furnace, a kind of electric resistance furnace. This technology is attracting attention as it does not simply melt incineration ash. It smelts it to recover resources amid a society where the social significance of recycling incineration ash is increasing.

Recycled products produced using the reduction smelting system

Zinc and lead materials
Molten metals
Reductive-molten stone

In the reduction smelting system, the incinerated residues can be an urban mine. The residue can all be recycled by recovering valuable metal resources from the incineration ash and manufacturing construction materials such as aggregate to be used in civil engineering (molten reduced stones). We believe that we are able to take on the role of a safe and stable service provider to solve issues regarding the continuity of municipal solid waste incinerator operations. With an eye toward the establishment of a society that is more efficient and that recycles more materials, EBARA Environmental Plant will contribute to environmental administration as a reliable resource recycling company to continuously work toward the achievement of zero emissions and accelerate the establishment of a circular society.

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