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Power Retail Business

EBARA Environmental Plant is encouraging the effective implementation of power generation through waste incineration to accelerate the establishment of a sustainable society.
As part of its efforts to promote this, EBARA Environmental Plant is engaged in what can be called local power generation for local consumption, in which the heat generated during the incineration of household waste is used in high-efficiency power generation to supply generated clean power to the local community.

Effects of local power generation for local consumption

Waste incineration facilities use the heat generated during waste incineration to produce steam that drives turbines to generate electric power. This is how electric power consumed by the local community is produced from the waste emitted by the local community. The power is supplied through existing power gridsconventional power transmission lines operated by electric power companies. There are no changes in the physical power supply mechanisms or to the quality and reliability of electricity power.
Waste power generation helps reduce CO2 as it produces electricity without consuming any new fossil resources. It will also lower electricity expenses. We present our activities like this in waste incineration plant tours and on other occasions to provide opportunities for visitors to learn about the environment.

Power supply tailored to the needs of individual customers, such as the supply of RE100 electricity: 100% renewable energy

EBARA Environmental Plant is also a power producer and supplier (PPS). It supplies electric power tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Example 1: RE100 power supply
The electricity generated by the renewable energy power generation project run by Swing Corporation is supplied to its chemical plant in Sodegaura through a feed-in tariff scheme. Combined with a non-fossil certificate with tracking information, it is provided as 100% renewable energy (RE100) power.

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