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Grate-type Incineration System

■HPCC®21 Grate-type Incineration System

Out HPCC®21 Grate-type Incineration System was developed through the evolution of our proven technology, the HPCC® grate system which was put onto the market in 1961. The system has a wide range of uses, from small to large furnaces and also for both waste with lower calorific value and waste with higher calorific value. This system is also capable of treating mixed waste that contains sludge, refuse dug up from final disposal sites, etc.
The system is based on excellent combustion performance enabled by our proprietary high-velocity air-blowing technology and good agitation due to horizontal grates. In addition to the excellent combustion performance inherited from the earlier HPCC®, HPCC21® has forced-air-cooled grates or water-cooled grates which are used to ensure the long service life of the grates while the low air ratio combustion and exhaust gas recirculation system achieves higher-efficiency power generation and the reduction of NOx emissions. SOx and HCl emissions are also minimized using the advanced dry exhaust gas treatment system. These and other state-of-the-art technologies are flexibly combined to achieve stable operation with excellent environmental performance.
Users can optionally combine the system with a plasma torch-type ash-melting furnace. This turns ash into harmless molten slag, which can be used effectively for concrete secondary products, roadbed materials, and other uses.

*HPCC is a registered trademark of EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. in Japan.


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