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Terms of Use

EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "EBARA Environmental Plant," "we") pays close attention when publishing information on this site; however, we can not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, or safety (that there is no performance defect or harmful content, such as viruses) of the published content.

Furthermore, we shall not be held liable for any damages caused by accessing information on this site, or by using such information or thissite.

Please note that the content of the website is subject to change without prior notice. The contents of the site may be changed without any notice.


Prohibited Matters

The following actions are prohibited when using this site:

  1. Criminal actions, or any action that will or may result in criminal offence
  2. Actions that will or may jeopardize the name or credit of a third party or EBARA Environmental Plant.
  3. Actions that will or may cause detrimentor damage to a third party or EBARA Environmental Plant.
  4. Actions that will or may violate the assets or privacy of a third party or EBARA Environmental Plant.
  5. Actions that will or may use or distributeharmful programs or data, such as viruses
  6. Providing false information, such as e-mail addresses.
  7. Any other actions that will or may violate laws and regulations.
  8. Any actions that will or may violate public order and standards of decency
  9. Any actions that we deem inappropriate



This site includes relevant information on the "Statements of Projected Plans"which reflect our future plans and perspectives of EBARA Environmental Plant and other Group companies. Any information except facts about the past and present is referred to as the statements of projected plans. Because such statements of projected plans are based on our assumptions and judgments of EBARA Environmental Plant and our group companies relying on such information available today, they contain known and unknown risks, inaccuracies, and other factors,or may possibly be influenced by such known and unknown risks, inaccuracies, and other factors. Such risks, inaccuracies, and other factors may cause significant differences in performance, management results, and financial results of the Group’s future, which are shown either explicitly or implicitly in the statements of projected plans. The Company will not be held liable to update and publicize these statements after the date shown on this site.

This site is not intended to induce investments. The userPlease must make investment decisions at your own discretion.

Although the contents of the site have been selected carefully , we will not be held liable for incorrect information, falsification of data by a third party, or any interference caused by the transmission of data.


Copyright and trademark rights

Copyright of information (including documents, materials, and images) belongs to EBARA Environmental Plant, its Group companies, the original authors or other copyright holders, and is protected by copyright law, relevant agreements and other laws of relevant countries. The Copyright law prohibits the use (including reproduction, modification, displaying, distribution, and reprinting on a website) outsidepersonal use and the scope set by the copyrights law without the prior permission of the copyright holders. If you wish to use the information, please contact us in advance to obtain permission.

In addition, the name of company and product as well as the logos used on this site are the trademarks or registered trademarks that belong to each right holder. Trademark law prohibits the use of these trademarks outside the scope set by law without the authorization of the right holder. If you wish to use the trademarks please contact us in advance to obtain permission.


Viewing environment

Recommended environment

The browsers that are appropriate for viewing this website that we recommend are the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome.


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Handling of links

The contents of third parties' websites other than EBARA Environmental Plant which are linked to or from this website ("Linked Websites") shall be managed by the individual third parties in a responsible manner. When you use the Linked Websites, please follow the terms of use and rules regarding copyright and other rules of the specific website. At EBARA Environmental Plant, we shall not be held liable for the contents of Linked Websites or any damages caused by use of those websites.


Links to this website

If you desire to link a website to this website, please contact us and tell us the operator and the URL of the website to be linked, the purpose of the link, and other details. We may request that the link be deleted, even after we have approved of it, if we believe that the linked website violates public order and standards of decency or is otherwise inappropriate.


Inquiries about this website

To send an inquiry or an opinion about EBARA Environmental Plant, please do so by sending us an inquiry Form.


Customer suggestions

If you send us an opinion, question, or any information or ideas ("Opinions"), we will assume that you understand and have agreed with the following points.

  1. We shall not be obliged to maintain the confidentiality and will handle opinions as confidential information or proprietary information.
  2. We shall not be obliged to discuss, evaluate, adopt, or answer opinions.
  3. In case the Company introduces or implements a product, technology, or service that may either completely or partly match or resemble the opinions, we shall not be held responsible by the customer or other third parties including payment of compensation.
  4. We shall hold the right be free to use your oOpinions freely, etc. Additionally, the persons who provided such opinions will not be entitled to exercise patent rights or any other rights.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The use of this website as well as the interpretation and management of these “Terms of Use” shall conformto japanese laws of Japan unless otherwise stated.

Additionally, unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first trial of any conflict regarding the use of this site.